Photo credit; Kevin Eisenlord Photography

Photo credit; Kevin Eisenlord Photography

Medevil is a highly energetic, fast-paced metal band known for their tight songwriting, intense stage presence and roaring vocals. They are one of the few metal bands coming out of Chilliwack BC, and hold that title proud as they have earned much praise and respect since their inception in 2014. As one of the 6 finalists of the Wacken Metal Battle Canada, they are becoming more and more renowned throughout the country; their fame attaining them a following in their local town and across through to Vancouver.

Their music could be described as "power thrash" with half of their set being chorus-driven, and the other half focusing on blistering fast riffs. Influences for the band include Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metal Church. Their fast but catchy songs keeps the crowd chanting throughout the set, and leaves them wanting more. Liam Collingwood, the band's singer, keeps the band image in-theme with the songs while on stage, and will wear thematic outfits when the mood demands it.

The band was founded January 13, 2014 by Eric Wesa (bass), as well as brothers Liam (vocals) and Ross Collingwood (drums). It only took two months after the band's inception before the boys found the ultimate guitar duo they were looking for, Gary Cordsen and Brett Gibbs. Once the lineup was solidified, they wasted no time to perform shows and begin their musical journey.

As a band, Medevil has two common goals; to explore their musical talents, and continue performing live for their fast-growing fanbase.
Liam Collingwood, born December 19, 1993 in Bath, England.

My style is influenced by bands like Metal Church, Mastodon, The Darkness, Black Sabbath as well as the power metal and thrash genre. I started listening to music at around 15 years old, and in that time I had no way of expression until I picked up the guitar. Writing music helped me as well with the depression I was under at that period of time. 

Over the years I had written quite a lot of material and one day I saw a post from Eric asking if anyone would like to start a band. I accepted and we began work. At the start we had many different people come and go, Eric was even the singer for a little bit. But that soon changed as the band progressed. After we decided Eric was unfit for the singing role, we began auditioning singers. I would always be the one who would teach the vocal bits, and soon later we just decided that I would stick to singing. So I played guitar and sung, and played a few shows as the vocals and guitar in the band. I decided after a while that I just wasn't as passionate with performing guitar, and figured to just stick with singing and improve my voice. I still, however, love to write on the guitar.

I hope to continue to write and perform as Medevil for many years to come, and am excited to see how we can continue to experiment with different sounds and to perform for all of our fans everywhere!
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Gary Cordsen, born October 21, 1986 in Chilliwack, Canada.

I started playing guitar at age 14 inspired mostly by Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and ( like every other guitar player on the planet it seems ) Metallica. I've always enjoyed the technical aspect of guitar playing and that is mostly what inspires my playing today. Favourite bands include: Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, Black Sabbath, Slayer, as well as solo artists such as Jeff loomis, Andy James, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Looking forward to writing music and playing some gigs with Medevil sometime soon! Cheers
Bret Gibbs, born October 31, 1992 in New Westminster, Canada.

I've been heavily interested in music for as long as I can remember. My early life influences include the Beatles, T-Rex, Queen, and other random bands that my parents listened to. I started collecting music at around the age of 6 or 7, I started with pop music and moved on to pop/punk and pop/rock like Sum 41, The Offspring and Linkin Park. I got my first guitar at 9 and my first electric guitar around 11. I began collecting classic rock like Led Zeppelin, CCR, The Doors, and Alice Cooper. I found Metallica at 12 and they were my first major influence, I learned most of their 80's music and still enjoy playing it today. I found Pink Floyd at 15 and they had a huge effect on me. At 17 I found Meshuggah, they completely changed how I heard music and are my biggest influence. Today I mostly listen to progressive rock and progressive metal bands such as; Tool, Porcupine Tree, SikTh, Haken, and Karnivool. Guitar has always been my main instrument although I have picked up drums along the way as well. Ever since I started listening to metal music I have become very interested in rhythm and composition, and I hope to bring a lot to the table in Medevil.
Eric Wesa, born June 29, 1995 in Edmonton, Canada.

My musical style is heavily influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Gentle Giant, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Blaze Bayley, and Metal Church. I'm very much into thrash, NWOBHM, as well as 70's classic rock. I started playing guitar when I was around 14 years old, and started off learning folk and rock music. Soon after that, in 2011, I started searching for a future band mate. This is where I met Liam. At the time I had little skill at guitar, and very poor writing skills; he on the other hand had already written I believe 2 songs and taught me to play them with him.

I started playing bass with another local band named 'Rexford Drive,' whom I filled in for when they needed me. After playing live with them I found that I really enjoyed the groove of bass playing. In 2014, while searching for a new bass player, I changed my role to bass. I am extremely passionate about this band and our music, and sharing it is what keeps me going. Hope to see you all soon!!!
Ross Collingwood, born April 12, 1996 in Bath, England.

I started taking group drum lessons at age 10 in England just as a small hobby. I didn't take music seriously till my family moved to Canada, and a couple local metal heads asked me to join a band of theirs. They introduced me to the genre, and to System of a Down, which is probably my biggest influence in drumming and one of only metal bands I personally enjoy listening to. My taste in music is more rooted in Rock and Alternative music, my favourite bands include: Cage the Elephant, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, RHCP, Broken Bells, and SOAD.